• Customer National Accounts
  • type Roof Mount
  • system 3,156 kW at 5 sites
  • location District of Columbia and Maryland
  • CO2 offset 1,839 tons

The Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer. To help reinforce its environmental leadership, The Home Depot worked with our team to install solar on the rooftops of 7 retail stores in Washington, DC and Maryland’s Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. In fact, with approximately 1,400 photovoltaic panels spanning nearly the length of a football field, the retail store in Northeast, DC hosts the largest single solar rooftop project in Washington, D.C.

Customer Testimonial

"As the leading home improvement retailer, The Home Depot is proud to host the largest single rooftop solar project in the District. We thank [the team] for their collaboration as we take another big step toward our commitment to increase support for alternative energy projects."

Craig D’Arcy

Director of Energy Management